Saturday…overplanning day

Even though I don’t have a punch a clock, sit at a desk, report to somebody who drives me crazy, kind of job, I still look to the weekend for all the ‘stuff’ I like to do:  Sleep late, take a long walk, shop for necessities and junk, eat lunch at a new restaurant.  I’ll finish this Saturday with the Million Dollar Quartet and a late dinner with an old/dear friend.  A couple of glasses of good wine will pass my lips before the day is officially over.  Grand day…but I still won’t accomplish all I intended to do.  I planned to finish a short story to put out in e-land.  Didn’t get there–now I’m beating up on myself.  When will I get it?…take the day as it comes, don’t try to connect all the dots, overplan.  Okay, the whip is back in the closet, I’ll treat my wounds and reflect on something positive.  While walking down State Street, I passed a few pathetic individuals who were obviously homeless and/or in need of medical care.  I also read an advertisment that ended with ‘a little bit matters’…I didn’t think it applied to me.  As I passed another homeless looking individual I didn’t put any money in his ‘donation’ bag.  I can’t/won’t do that.  Too often, the drug/food/drinks bought contributes to their problems.  One extremely obese man had a huge back of candy in his lap, open, half eaten.  I figured he’s well on his way to diabetes.  The sugar high will help him get there sooner.  What I gave him was a smile.  “Go to the local hospital and ask for help,” I said.  To me, that matters…a little bit, for sure.  We taxpayers lay out big bucks over and over again for all the wrong reasons…A bridge to nowhere…mahoganey paneled offices for those ingrates we elect, private jets for trips back home…Damn, they are greedy, dishonest people in our government!  Why can’t we really help these unfortunate people.  Put them in the hospital and begin the rehabilitative process?  You say they have a right to roam and urinate on the streets, beg for food, dig in dumpsters.  Get real…these people are pathetically incapable of caring for themselves.  Isn’t that enough reason for us to care?  Instead of screwing up the health care system for all the folks who have the health care they need and want, shouldn’t the damn congress focus on what can be done for the ones who don’t have anything?  They want to spend Trillions on fixing a system people don’t want.  How about a few million for those who have nothing.  Do a little…it matters.  I’ll work on my short story soon.  Tomorrow, I haven’t planned a darn thing.


About wilaemerson

writer, golfer, traveler, food junkie, dieter--serious life: prescription drug advisor (RN/BSN)
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