Highs and Lows..

A tragic weekend for six innocents, a congresswoman and federal judge included.  What troubles me, also should drive the rest of the viewing world crazy is the fact that a few unsavory characters have turned the tragedy into a political war.  She said/he said…even a civil rights group who pleads the case for many ‘underdogs’ reports that the slaining took place because of political dialogues.  Shame on those scrandrels that can’t deal with the real world.  The problem is we—the whole of us—won’t take care of our mentally ill citizens.  Liberal laws allow those sick individuals to roam the streets and buy guns that harm others.  Individuals show themselves to be cowards when it comes to a seriously sick person in a class room and won’t report behavior to the authories.  When an individual exhibits excessive, harmful behavior to self or others, shouldn’t we stand up and say ‘this person is too sick to be left to their own devices.’  No…instead, too meany say ‘they have the right to roam the streets’.  If they do a harmful act, then we can ‘arrest’ them, admit them, etc.  Stupid…illogical.  We are cowards when it comes to taking care of the mentally ill.  We’d rather pay for someone’s flights across the country in a plushy jet than to care for a mentally ill person.  Get real…schizophrenics are dangerous…to themselves and to others…do something about it…Take care of them before it’s too late.  And quit blaming the ‘other side’ of the political wagon.  Who shouted in outrage when the Ft. Hood victims lay dead on the floor from the gun of a sick, vengeful officer.  Didn’t some of our leaders say ‘don’t rush to judgement?’  And now the same one’s are crying tears of injustice…blaming the hideous act on political opponents.  How sick is this society?    When it’s all said and done, we’ll look at this tragedy and think about choices….the choices we make when it comes to how we live our lives, how we treat other human beings.  Compassion may win out…we’ll take care of those who need to be sheltered…the mental ill who roam the streets, who buy guns, who are viewed by neighbors as being disturbed…who politicians ignor until one of their own is taken down.  We’ll become more compassion when we take the reins and say enough is enough.  I cry for all the victims…not just for one who stood out in the crowd.


About wilaemerson

writer, golfer, traveler, food junkie, dieter--serious life: prescription drug advisor (RN/BSN)
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