Path of Least Resistance

Another day, another snowstorm, of sorts, in the midwest–across the country.  Outside there’s a gray sky and a dense cloud of snow flakes fluttering down.  I like the kind of snow that is so thick, it sticks on your brows, covers your nose and crunches as you walk on it.  Not today, this kind of snow doesn’t look like much of a threat but it is almost incideous…it can sneak up on you.  I took the challenge, though, and decided to take a hike.  Of course, I took the path of least resistance in this snarky, gray day.  I headed down the road, a clearer path.  A short, brisk walk …no real problem. Better than cutting across the lake and through the woods, where the path is about five miles long.  On the way back from the shorter jaunt, I found the street to be a sheet of ice.  Perfect for feet high above my head and all too soon my arse hit the gravel and my pride weakened.  Well earned, too, –there were other options.  Heed the warning of the sky, stay in.  The whole thing reminds me of this political mess we’re in…finger pointing and blaming the opposing party for unexpected but somewhat predictable events.  Often politicians take the path of least resistance.  Quick fixes for serious problems, not willing to accept the consequences of their decisions, accusing the other party for the faulty outcome.  And when they land on their ass…taxpayers pay the price.  This is the low point of my day…still reflecting on the aftermath of the Tucson shooting incident with so many people killed and injured.  Of course, the media and political focus is on the public servant but what about the other innocents…are their lives any less important?  Does a public servant require a higher level of sympathy, care or concern?  What about the other victims, their medical care…the outcome of their injuries?  And now the leader of our government heads to Tucson to offer his sympathy.  How appropriate is this?  How many people died in Ft. Hood?  How many of those victims were real heroes and servants to our country?  Why isn’t this leader talking about the mentally ill who roam our streets with the potential to cause another mass murder?  Is this the path of least resistance for votes?  Why not take the higher ground and attack the real cause of this tragedy.  Or will it offend those who love to point fingers at political opponents.   Even in a tragedy, for many, it’s all about politics…a great sadness settles over me.  But on a high note, the snow is increasing and the roads will be impassable soon.  Nature demands it’s time to slow down, reflect on what is important, what needs to be done.  I know what path to take tomorrow and I’m not looking for votes.  I will stay close to home and finish my story.


About wilaemerson

writer, golfer, traveler, food junkie, dieter--serious life: prescription drug advisor (RN/BSN)
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