Is the requirement to drive a car, a license and car insurance, the same as the health care mandate? If I live in the city and choose not to own a car, then I don’t need a license and insurance. But this liberal health care mandate gives little room for choice and costs everyone more money than anyone imagined. Trillions of dollars are demanded from you so you still pay for higher insurance and medical care. Some laws about pre-existing conditions, smoking and unsavory health habits could be made without costing anyone a single cent. The increased cost of every aspect of your health care will be used to form more legislative agencies to regulate everything you do with your body. As layers and layers of bureacracy are added to the health care system, the quality of a personal relationship with your chosen physician will be diminished by the sheer fact that approvals and rules will be the middle man in your care. Who should choose how to treat you? Certainly not a government official who’s interest lies only in the paper process. Certainly not legislatures who depend on votes to retain their positions in the ‘control’ business. Health care should be available for those who need it…but taking our country into a debt that can never be repaid, will lead to chaos and poor care. The European model shows over and over again that socialized medicine does not favor the patient. That is why world-wide, people seek medical care in the United States.


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writer, golfer, traveler, food junkie, dieter--serious life: prescription drug advisor (RN/BSN)
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