Road Work….

Wireless and laptops…two great tools that make a writer’s life so much easier.  A sudden or planned trip…you grab your tools and take off.  But there’s a price for road work:  Your never off duty.  The plus side is that a variety of writing opportunites come your way that wouldn’t appear if you stayed at your desk.  For instance, I’m in a fairly large city, several hundred miles from my home and the news on the local station is a another case of sexual teacher/student misconduct.  The victims are males…young males—middle grades whom this sick female has befriended.  What is interesting in this case, too, is that the vice principle of the school resigned prior knowledge of the offenses.  What strikes me is that this story is not only repulsive but the fact that these people, educators, behave as though these children are their friends drives me crazy.  These kids are game for sexual exploitations as though they are peers—the same age group and obviously, the same intellect.  It is a hideous fact that children are no longer children.  They talk, dress and behave as though there are no barriers, no guard rails, no stop signs on the road to adulthood.  They are allowed to participate in adult activities…from birth control to parenting without any parental involvement.  To many schools allow teacher/student interaction to continue as though it’s a feather in their cap to be viewed as a ‘friendly’ school.  Education in itself needs a lot of road work…the pavement is cracked when teachers dress like students, attend activities for students to engage in the ‘play’ and converse with students as though they are no barriers.  No longer is sexual activity with students unheard of.  Protocol, decorum and responsibility has been lost in the ‘no code-low code’ demeanor.  It’s time for educators/teachers to act like adults…quit wearing jeans to school, quit talking like they are really ‘with-it’, project a more adult demeanor and if they don’t…they should be fired..immediately.  To allow children to be subjected to predators is as criminal as the sexual act.  There’s a lot of road work ahead for our youth…but the most important responsibility for mature, reasonable adults is to protect them even if it means setting barriers that prevent indulgence in delicious freedoms reserved for responsible adults.  I hope this woman who proclaims herself to be a teacher spends a lot of time in jail.  And I hope the parents of every child in that school system demands a major overhaul in the adminstrative behavior of each educator.  Adult behavior first: rules, standards, demand decorum…anything less should be considered ‘road kill’…get them off the public dole, don’t let them near your children.


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writer, golfer, traveler, food junkie, dieter--serious life: prescription drug advisor (RN/BSN)
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