Star Injustice?

If I never see or read about Charlie Sheen or Lindsey Lohan again, I won’t be disappointed.  In fact, I might look at the entertainment section of a newspaper again when I know I won’t have to look at their sorry faces. I haven’t taken any polls but I think others feel the same.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could use a block feature on cable TV or our computer to ban any announcement about these individuals who can’t, won’t get their act together because they are ‘stars’—are too artistic to be socially normal?   What is equally disturbing about their bad choices and despicable behavior is the fact that the characters/side kicks/publicists around them encourage the publicity. As though they are important and we should know every aspect of their worthless deeds and sorry lives.  In my view, CBS executives have continually exhibited their lack of values (honor, honesty, social conscience, good deeds rewarded, etc) when it comes to keeping the Sheen show going no matter how far down the skid path this guy fell.  Isn’t the show on hold now so he can return and what…show us what a good guy he’s become?  CBS hasn’t the guts or fortitude to get rid of the bum who plagues the nation, more so the people around him, with stupidity and harmful acts.  They actually think a rogue individual is what we viewers want.  Granted the part Sheen plays is mindless and has little value in and of itself.  But then CBS isn’t into quality entertainment.  Do producers and executives care if what we want is good entertainment, with substance and clever plotting, with real humor and grace?  What they provide is entertainment for the intellectually impaired.  They won’t raise the bar, improve standards or add value to their programs.  Perhaps because they’re morally bankrupt themselves?  Why do I say this?  The evidence is in the kind of junk food for the soul they dish out.  Somehow they make money doing so.  Sort of like the oldest profession…a similar service and all for money, too.  Hollywood producers…well, let’s not count the times they’ve allowed the worst offenders to take on roles that dozens of other dedicated, serious actors could play who don’t live trash lives, possess senseless clutter, adopt scads of children as feigned goodness, flaunt their wealth, make a mockery out of middle American or tell others with low incomes to pay more taxes for the needy.  Talented, dedicated people who want to work don’t have to prove to us they are ‘stars’.  Executives and producers of mindless shows think we like individuals who believe/behave as though values are viruses and only cocaine, alchohol or pain pills keep them at bay.  Throw in a criminal act like shoplifting or beating up your wife and you’ve got a real ‘star’, moneymaker, on your hands.  Fact is, these walking, breathing, witless characters are not important or newsworthy in any social sense.  That is the gritty truth and those who make a profit on sensationalizing their behavior should close shop, submit to electro-shock therapy and learn a new provide a real public service, street cleaning, baby sitting for parents who work double shifts to stay afloat, provide food or shelter for the homeless—better yet, give them a job.  Granted, there’s always been a long list of Hollywood/TV bad boys and girls.  But do we, the public, actually clamor for them?  No, they are shoved in our faces by producers and executives who really don’t give a horses ass about us or quality entertainment.  Otherwise, they would save all the plumb roles for really talented people who would appreciate a good job, love to entertain an audience, live a respectable life and wouldn’t clog up the network or newspaper with rotten stories about their sorry ass lives.  How can we fix the star injustice?  The moment someone is granted special privileges because they are a ‘star’, we all should turn off the TV, not buy the ticket at the theatre, not buy their music, not watch the pro game…whatever it takes to shut them down, count them out.  These rogue individuals don’t deserve fame or glory or monetary rewards or admittance to Halls of Fame, Oscars, Grammies or a weekly paycheck.  They are a drain on social conscience and give us, Americans, a bad reputation.  Sheen, Lohan, others…get off your high horses, serve your time, get dirt on your faces, get a real job, work your ass off, do something for someone else until your back hurts and get back to reality that life is hard and hard work offers the best rewards.  You are not important or newsworthy.  Executives and producers, you are a real embarrassment to society, too.  Wouldn’t it be grand to find out if quality entertainment does work and you can still make a profit?  Oh, but this isn’t about quality, is it?  Yes, like the oldest profession…it’s about who is getting screwed.  Funny, no one really likes it from either angle.


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writer, golfer, traveler, food junkie, dieter--serious life: prescription drug advisor (RN/BSN)
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