Daily Doses…

Have you ever considered what you are ‘advised’ to do everyday?  It starts with the obligation of rolling out of bed in a good mood and then brush your teeth.  From then the list of ‘to dos’ strike like a viper.  If you take it all seriously, you’re obviously nuts.  Brush your teeth, floss, shower, shave, whatever.  Moisturizer, sun block, deodorant, powder, breakfast, not too much coffee, hold the sugar, count the cals, don’t count the cals, eat carbs, don’t eat carbs, more protein, less protein, check your schedule, arrive on time, don’t be over vealous, don’t appear lazy, plan your work day, work your plan, plan your exercise, you don’t need to ruin your knees, plan where you’ll eat lunch, don’t eat fast food, little time for sit down, more veggies, less fat, slow down, hurry up.  Be attentive, don’t dally, check the time, don’t watch the clock, watch who you associate with, be a open to new ideas, embrace diversity, be weary of strangers, read a book, don’t read from the censored list, don’t watch TV, stay in tune to current events, don’t believe everything you read, pundits follow facts, walk a straight line, let go,have fun.  By the time you’re ready for bed…oh don’t forget to brush your hair 200 strokes, brush your teeth again and floss, have sex at least three times a week, plan sex for the weekend, check the linens for bedbugs, don’t be let the bed bugs bite.  If you’re lucky, you get six hours of sleep, you haven’t slept enough, don’t oversleep on the weekend.  Kiss your lover goodnight…or don’t be hasty who you sleep with.  I’m exhausted…did you take your vitamins and eat five fruits or vegetables today? Oh, are you getting the best deal on your auto insurance?  Life’s too short.


About wilaemerson

writer, golfer, traveler, food junkie, dieter--serious life: prescription drug advisor (RN/BSN)
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