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Review…And Every Man Has to Die..

Title:  And Every Man Has to Die Author:  Frank Zafiro Publisher:  Gray Dog Press, 2011 ISBN: 978-1-936178-41-4 ‘The Russians are making a play to control organized crime here in River City.’  With one line, author Frank Zafiro sets the stage for … Continue reading

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Facts plus Stupid equal…

Leonard Pitts Jr. writes for the Miami Herald.  An interesting writer who engages in social discussions which are thought provoking and often irritating–we see the world from different perspectives.  But it is the thought provoking aspect in his essays that grabs … Continue reading

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Rain and other things…

Today is a good day for writing.  Current events, interesting subjects, problems and resolutions.  Seems each day brings a rainfall of ideas and concerns.  I had a phone message from a brother yesterday about an internet scam I inadvertently got involved in.  Long story,  pass … Continue reading

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