Late Sunday night, early Monday morning….the U.S. awake and rejoicing.  The news of Bin Laden’s demise was met with a rush of pride and well wishes for those fine soldiers who carried out their mission and ridded the world of a dangerous, cowardly man.  Who would send young men to their death and while hiding behind women and children?  Justice served.  Job well done, you fine soldiers! 

Yes, we extend our thanks to the politicos who negotiated the terms of the maneuver, who offered support, who listened, advised and finally gave the nod to carry out a daunting task. 

But let’s never forget the sacrafice those heroes made.  So let’s discuss what we’ll do on their return home.  Will they worry about college funds, health insurance, the price of gas?  Will they have to face foreclosure, inflation, uncertainty in the job market? 

There will be many days of rhetoric from politicians about the war on terrorism and why we should elect them again.  But did they put their lives on the line?  How many times did the politician vote to NOT grant our soldiers the same benefits they derive from the largress of tax paying citizens.  Shouldn’t we guarantee a secure future for these war heroes instead of paying for luxury transportation, mahogany paneled walls, dining rooms filled with crystal and silver, entertainment at evening dinners.  The extravagance bestowed on politicians is the inverse of the cuts they want in the defense budget.  And its a diabolical disgrace. 

It’s time for Americans to focus on real heroism, real service, real good deeds, real contributions.  The world is a better place because a conscienceless radical had been exterminated.  Let’s not forget what a soldier sacrafices when he fights for our freedom.  Let’s not vote for rhetoric and self-grandizing politicians who take credit where credit is not due.  Let’s vote for those who believe our military is the finest in the world and deserve health benefits, education and first foot in the employment line when they leave service.  A feckless politician receives benefits for the remainder of their life—it’s time to give our soldiers what they deserve. 

A price for freedom?  You bet…and we should make sure the right people are well paid for their sacrafice and contribution.


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