Review: The Feng Shui Detective Goes West

Title:  The Feng Shui Detective Goes West

Author:  Nury Vittachi

Publisher: Felony & Mayhem Press

ISBN: 978-1-9346-9-79-8

CF Wong feels like a learned person but he isn’t quite sure all that he’s learned is of importance.  But he does know Feng Shui, know the power of money and isn’t afraid to take a chance.  So what does a sensitive, yet stoic, Asian man do when looming debt puts his life in peril?

Go West, young man, go West.  And thus, CF Wong is on a paid journey to de-clutter the royal family’s many abodes even though he doesn’t like Western big noses, unhealthy food and dastardly habits.  Author Nury Vittachi takes his readers on a fanciful ride in the world’s most luxurious airplane.  A clever setting for characters who are rich in descriptive detail and as different as East and West.  Whether your interested in Feng Shui, the power of harmony, doesn’t matter.  You’ll laugh over Vittachi’s natural balance of humor, beautiful prose and intelligent renderings as CF Wong comes to terms with a death on the airplane and a quest to see justice is served.  Have a marker ready as you read this book—you’ll want to underline each informative phrase or paragraph.

Vittachi is a skillful writer.  He has an ingenious knack for introducing informational minutiae that takes her story to a higher level of entertainment. While I hesitate to shed any negative energy on the journey Vittachi created for CF Wong readers, I must comment that the cover is out of balance with this well written, richly plotted, delightful story.  CF would give the cover a number four.  Bad luck to cloak this well done novel in a whimsy of pinks and feline-ish misgivings.  No, a Feng Shui Master should be defined by dignified lines, natural colors and uncluttered spaces.  From Some Gleanings of Oriental Wisdom.

Respectfully submitted…..Wil A Emerson…     


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4 Responses to Review: The Feng Shui Detective Goes West

  1. Forgive my raising what may seem an indelicate matter, but you seem to have mistaken Nury Vittachi’s gender. When last observed, he did appear to be of the male persuasion. And as an aside, the use of Maneki Neko on the cover seems entirely appropriate as a standard symbol of prosperity seen all over the Asia Pacific region waving luck into shops and commercial premises.

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