Review: The Face of Angels

Author Lucretia Grindle has written a romantic mystery that takes you to Florence, Italy where love has no bounderies and murder rips at the core of the Catholic Church. Her protagonist Mary Warren returns to Florence after a two year absence to study art and let her wounds heal. New friends question her secretiveness. The man she loves, before and after her first trip, doesn’t understand why Mary is drawn to a series of crimes that mimic the man authorities believe killed her husband. But didn’t he, the assailant, die in prison? Then why are other young woman being slaughtered?
Grindle proves that writing is truly art. The scenes she creates, Michelangelo syle, are dramatic, compelling and emotionally charged. Her breathtaking strokes give you more than a terrace view of beautiful Florence. You’ll stroll through the piazzas, climb the steps of centuries-old monuments and smell the rush of olives and wine from the trattorias where protagonist Mary-Maria dines with her friends. Is an enemy watching? You’ll feel his breath on her shoulder. If you haven’t been to Florence, Grindle gives you every reason to go. but first finish her fine tale. She writes with polished grace yet her prose warns you to not take anything for granted. Eyes wide open, her art draws you closer and closer to the heart of a great city where ancient art and murder blends into the crowded cobblestone paths. This fascinating book explores the wonders of yesterday, the anxieties of modern day, the tribulations of the Catholic Church, questions global politics and yet causes you to shiver like a great mystery should. An award winner for sure. Don’t miss Lucretia Grindle’s masterpiece–The Face of Angels.


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