Who Should Pay?

I’m perplexed….if I think about the issue too long, I’m outraged.  I’d like to stay perplexed to keep my heart rate in check. 

The ongoing debate is who should pay for birth control.  Just to make it clear about how I feel, I’ll be honest, totally blatant, upfront.  

I don’t want to pay for your birth control and I don’t want to pay for a child you can’t support.  No doubt about it, that is your responsibility…yours and not mine or any other taxpayer or non-taxpayer.  Honest.

The entire issue really is about the increasing problem with people who think they are entitled to ‘something-everything’.  And the spokeswoman, Sandra Fluk, who has so many people rattled about the issue is about the worst case scenario for the argument.  She believes I/you should pay for her birthcontrol.  How ridiculous!  She goes to a very pricey law school, she has parents who are not on the poverty list, she will soon have the opportunity to make more than six figures per year. (100K…nice money.) Like many people in college, she could even work while she’s in law school.  And she could do what many people do when pregnancy is a risk factor…Don’t indulge in Risky Behavior!!   Rich, middle income, poor—don’t indulge in Risky Behavior!

If we cave on this entitlement mind-set, give in to the demands of those who are irresponsible, what will come next?  Should everyone have $300 Nikes, a designer wardrobe, a luxury apartment?  Or how about cosmetic surgery, a nurtrition counselor who also serves as a personal cook, a luxury car?  Why not?  This gal, who’s begging for birth control pills, is also not paying for her pricey law school tuition.  Scholarship or public assistance?  Guess what, it comes out of taxpayers’ pockets.  Yours and mine.  

Bottom line…one thing leads to another.  At some point, taxpayers will run out of money.  And if they decide to quit working, too?  There will be so many irresponsible people on the planet who are entitled to everything, everyone will have nothing.  

Birth Control?  It is an individual’s responsibility.  Female, males….yours, mine.  And if birth control fails, it is not my responsibility to care for your child.  Yes, you may have to drop out of a pricey law school or say good-bye to your run-of-the-mill college or high school friends, whatever.  That’s a risk you choose to take! 

And if you don’t assume basic responsibilities and fall short of your goals….well, guess it means we all are NOT going to net the same advantages or opportunities in life.  That’s one of the perks of being responsible, working hard, sacrificing for your own personal goals.  A most wonderful aspect of life!  

Perplexed yes…why would a thinking, functioning individual be so irresponsible.  Expect someone else to pay for their birth control so they can be sexually active.

If you disagree, send Sandra $3000 for her birth control pills.  Bless You!  For the rest of you who want to buy birth control for just the ‘ordinary’ gal or guy, or yourself, you can get a variety of b.c. aides at your local chain drugstore for just a few dollars. 

No go do the smart thing!!    


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writer, golfer, traveler, food junkie, dieter--serious life: prescription drug advisor (RN/BSN)
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9 Responses to Who Should Pay?

  1. I’m sorry, but it’s hard to take your argument seriously if you can’t get the subject’s name correct.

    Fluke. Sandra Fluke.

    • wilaemerson says:

      I did intend to be very serious..to the point it didn’t matter how her named was spelled. Like at ‘fluke of nature’, this gal is so off target, demonstrates no logical argument that women should be embarrased. Fluke or flake..she should not graduate from a reputable law school.

  2. You are absolutely correct. How did we arrive at the point where so many of us think we are owed at the expense of someone else?

    If the colonists had had this same attitude, why, we’d still be speaking English! (Wait, that didn’t come out quite right …)

    Seriously, I agree with all you’ve said.

    • wilaemerson says:

      Larry….thanks for the note. Glad to hear from a like minded person. And ..keep up the good work. Have heard some tremendous comments about you. Let’s pray, hope, beat the drums for a sensible, logical, passionate leader in the White House next year!

  3. The problem is that the question isn’t about birth control. It’s about whether certain businesses should have to provide health insurance to employees, which in this case happens to include birth control along with maternity, heart operations, cancer etc. (including birth control with the rest, ironically, is cheaper for the insurance company than paying for more births and should translate to cheaper premiums, but that’s a different matter). Perhaps it is every person’s responsibility to provide for his or her health care without any policies through their employers, but I really don’t think people arguing for one option rather than another are any less responsible for it. (Not all married women may want to apply aspirin between their knees nor, if they did, would all their husbands necessarily approve 🙂 Perhaps we should all take the personal responsibility of eating only “heart healthy” foods and eliminate cardiology coverage. Also, when we make the wrong choices about health (or are otherwise unfortunate) is it reasonable to expect employers to provide sick leave?

    All of these are reasonable questions and while I may personally disagree with the tenor of the comments above, there’s certainly nothing wrong with asking them. Does Article 1, Section 8 (if I remember correctly) allow the government to even have rules on sick leave (which we all probably know personally can occasionally be abused, as far as that goes)?

    • wilaemerson says:

      Absolutely agree…it’s more than just the birth control issue. The problem is the government mandate. Businesses are the reason people have had insurance in the past…and hopefully, businesses will continue to provide health insurance to their employees as an incentive to work, be productive and enjoy the fruits of their labor. If businesses and individuals contract for health insurance, they can set the perimeters for what is covered and what is not. Individuals can work for one provider or another. Should men expect condoms be paid for by taxpayers? Ask away…whatever comes to mind, but taxpayers should not be responsible for every little aspect of an individuals life. Bad choices…consequences and expectations for improvement. Unexpected events and the human condition….let common sense prevail. No pie in the sky, no guarantee for happy endings, some have, some have not. Make the best of life and don’t expect other people to cover your arse. Government included.

      • “… no guarantee for happy endings …” This is where our modern society has made its crucial error. We have come to expect that government exists to guarantee happiness. It does not; it cannot. What the American system of government was created to do was guarantee the right to *pursue* happiness. What government gives it must take from someone else, whether the oft-maligned rich, the hapless middle class, or the unborn generations to come. Our government has the basic responsibility to protect our lives, liberty, and property. Most of what is does nowadays is not within its constitutional purview. (Pardon me for using the “C” word – constitution.)

      • wilaemerson says:

        God Bless You!…..and even the ‘entitled’ take that phrase to the max of what is owed to them! I really mean it to the extent that good deeds are worthy of “God Bless You”!!!!!!

  4. Margaret says:

    I don’t hear you complaining about insurance companies paying for viagra – nor does Rush who complained birth control was just about sex. Well, viagra really is just about sex. Surely the community as a whole has more at stake in keeping unwanted children from swelling the population. You’re a perfect example of what’s wrong with the voters of America. You let someone like a Rush Limbaugh lead you off on silly bypaths and completely ignore the serious issues.

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