It’s July Fourth, Independence Day! Steamy where I am but a time to celebrate. I’ll pass on the hot dogs and brats, though. Full of nitrates, processed meat and false advertising. Hummm…sort of like the political arena right now. Lots of folks out there trying to sell us another pound of Hope and Change.
Regardless, I’m happy to say the United States is the land of the free and the brave. Every citizen is free to pursue a prosperous life, a happy life, a good life. Of course, there is a price for this freedom: taxes, hard work,service to our country, respect for the law, honesty, loyalty….taxes. Responsibilities.
Independence also gives us the freedom to vote and if we don’t exercise that right, we are ultimately controlled by the decisions of others.
So on this 4th of July, I’m going to encourage everyone I encounter to think about who they will vote for this fall and, of course, in the years to come.
But this year is super important….if we stay on this course of self destruction. Look at the countries in Europe…dependent on their governments for their welfare but when the money runs out, they cry for more and the pot is empty. Protests, destruction, civil unrest. Are the Ruins of Pompei to be duplicated in our major cities? School closings, public roads a hazzard and more people out of work than can be counted. Bad leadership caused Detroit to fail….it may never recover. Decades of destruction—not easily repaired.
We give up more and more of our individual freedoms as the government imposes more and more taxes and regulations on each and every one of us. Our jobs have been given away to foreigners because of excess taxes and regulations. The jobs won’t come back until the exchange of goods are placed on a fair tax table.
We can hope for change, pray for change, hope for a better economy, pray for a better economy but nothing will change unless we vote for representatives, senators and a president who can and will concentrate on our constitutional freedoms. Hope is not a good alternative. Change is a good alternative.
The Fourth of July is a good time to consider your independence. A good time to reflect on what you can do for your country, your family, your friends and neighbors.
Enjoy the hot, steamy day but don’t forget what freedom is all about. It is not what the government gives you. It is about your choice and your individual right to pursue your dreams. If you rely on the government to give, then you are only left with the Hope that the Big Hand of Government doesn’t snatch it away.


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writer, golfer, traveler, food junkie, dieter--serious life: prescription drug advisor (RN/BSN)
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