Rest in Peace…..

Margaret Thatcher died this week. A lady admired by many, a great role model and a character of distinction. For a grocer’s daughter, she lived a full, rich life. Her cup seldom empty, if at all. She brought a great country out of financial despair and never lessened her resolve when the odds were against her. She stood tall among world leaders and earned their deep respect. But what made me cry about losing this remarkable woman was not her passing. No doubt, she would have said, ‘Enough, I’ve lived a good life.’ Tears fell when televisions across the globe cast pictures of men and women rejoicing in front of her homeplace, with placards and flags to celebrate her demise. It was a sad portrayal of how vicious some can be when they don’t understand the consequences of their demands and don’t respect those who cared so deeply about the long term welfare of their people. The strong, determined Maggie was more in their camp than they will ever know. To dense to understand? She proved time and time again, that one can do more for his/herself than what a government can hand out. Maggie wanted all men and women to achieve to their highest capacity. She believed a working ‘man’ does hold his head high. She proved women can break through the ‘glass ceiling’ with dignity and grace. Maggie achieved because of sheer will and determination. Those who cheered her death surely carry heavy black hearts. Sad indeed. They, no doubt, will always be on the dole…and never stand proud for what they alone can accomplish.
Maggie…you served all of us well. The best role model not only for women, but for the disenfranchized and for every grocer’s child who has a dream. Dear Maggie, rest in peace!


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