Armor of Glass

Quick review: Armor of Glass, written by R.M.A.Spears is based on a true story. The front cover states it is a novel. A troubled Marine, married too many times, never in love. Its prose intermittently equals some great authors–Chris Bojahlian, Timothy Hallihan come to mine. Catch Twenty-two or Clock Work Orange–or The War of Roses. ‘Black and white images trickled over the crevices of my percolating mind, unthinking and unnoticed.’ There’s a lot to say about those words. But Spears doesn’t write words, he bounces thoughts and phrases off the page, throws darts at either his preconceived world or at his characters. This isn’t a novel–a novel is crafted with an epic arch. The reader knows where the story is going, gets on the wave and rides it to the conclusion. This stream of consciousness is an unleashing of deep seated feelings that may engage or enrage the reader. I’ll let the reader be the judge. Certainly the novel concept is missing but the power of Spears writing can’t be understated.


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