Review: The Sirena Quest

Review: The Sirena Quest
Author: Michael A. Kahn
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press, Jan. 2015
Four middle-aged men on a wild goose chase for a robust, taunting, round breasted woman? Sounds like a frat brother’s quest.

It is.  Author Michael Kahn puts a clever spin on the route these ex-roommates take to bring Barrett College’s iconic statue back to campus. Trains, planes and automobiles. Wire clippers, wine and women.

The theft of Sirena, a Greco-Roman work of art, stolen in 1959, has baffled many alumni of the prestigious school. They’ve tried in vain to bring her back. Now a billionaire alumnus will give a $25 million endowment and a $3 million reward to whoever returns the busty icon on reunion day. Hefty motivation even for those who have plenty of pocket change.

However, this story isn’t about money. It’s a story about pride, sentiments. Lou, Ray, Gordie and Billy played minor roles at the New England school. Snubbed by the elite then, they are now fueled on by the mockery. Each fellow has a personal goal and equal obstructions but, when it’s time to bring the girl back home, the wise guys can show their worth and win. Right?

Or not. This life changing story about  four fellows who played hard and took their lumps will make you laugh, root for the underdog and sigh with relief. No puzzle here—the reward goes to the reader.

Michael A. Kahn has written a wonderful story. Witty, philosophical, poignant. Top notch writing. Perhaps the best publication to date out of Poisoned Pen Press who often favors the too cozy crowd.

(Copy of The Sirena Quest provided by publisher.)


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