C is for Content

Content….naa, that’s not me. I’m at that stage of life where I should be, though. Don’t struggle for a meal, don’t have to set an alarm clock. Don’t even have to plan my day. However, if I tried to sit back, practice a relaxed, contented manner with feet up, book in hand, sipping a cup of tea or fine wine, well, I just wouldn’t get anything done. As it is, the day grabs a handful of tangled hair just as the sun comes up, rolls me over and pulls me out of bed. I’m on the floor  and on the run, one activity and then another. I’ve said more than once–this is the day I’m going to  (fill in the blank)________. Or, yes, this is the day I’ll do nothing but write. Naa….doesn’t happen. Seems like my head and feet don’t match my desires. From one task to another, the day pulls at me. In another minute, another hour I’ll get to my one piece of heaven, the very special place I love the most. Then I’ll be content…happy face, big sighs, fingers dancing in front of me. Enough said…I have to dash off this note, then spray Liquid Fence in the garden to keep the deer away, then run to the market–soup day, a full pot, then put away those ugly winter tools, then spend a grueling hour on edits for my book, then handle a few family requests, then…..naa, being content can’t be squeezed in today. Maybe tomorrow. Yep, looks like contentment is knocking at my door. Tomorrow.  Sigh……


About wilaemerson

writer, golfer, traveler, food junkie, dieter--serious life: prescription drug advisor (RN/BSN)
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2 Responses to C is for Content

  1. marissoule says:

    Wil, these are great. So what is D going to be?

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