D is for Doggedly….

Doggedly….yep, my word for the day. It packs a harder punch than determined or tenacious.  It’s the kind of word you reserve for that guy or gal who pushes just a little further, harder, longer–gets to the front line, finishes the race, runs into a obstacles and keeps on trucking–not necessarily smiling. It’s not always fun or easy to doggedly pursue a want, need or goal.  Determination has served me more often than doggedly but I’ve got a few notches on my belt for some ‘doggedly’ pursuits. Stubborn, obstinate determination.    A topple in a river and the current fast and furious. Fear can push determination to a doggedly level. Finishing college, three kids in tow….perseverance and obstinate determination–doggedly. Set backs, up sets, the unexpected loss of a loved one. A book, two, three….doggedly….. And so it goes. I think writer’s have to doggedly pursue their goals.  Sometimes determination just isn’t enough. And so it goes with life, too.


About wilaemerson

writer, golfer, traveler, food junkie, dieter--serious life: prescription drug advisor (RN/BSN)
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One Response to D is for Doggedly….

  1. marissoule says:

    Love the word. Makes me think of this poodle I now have. He’s grabbed onto something I don’t want him to have, but he won’t let go. He’s determined. Stubborn. Focused. Yes, you’re right, Wil, there are times when we, too, need to be doggedly.

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