E is for…..Evidence

Evidence…it’s the meat of life. Not the stuff hot dogs are made of, not the stuff you put between two slices of bread. Evidence is the meat that matters when you need to make a decision-the DNA of facts-to point one in the direction for a clear conscience, a good frame of mind. Evidence leads one to a reasonable conclusion. Finding a job, a vocation, forming a relationship, taking a political stand, doing the right thing. Even the basis for a good book. If we’d collect evidence for our decisions–ah, wouldn’t life be a little better? Instead, it seems, emotions make us jump, cry, scream for justice, rant about issues. The tainted evidence that’s fed to us in bullet points, tweeked to express a bias, via the daily news–paper, TV, internet. It’s a bigger collection–from many sources–that leads to facts. For instance, there’s the Indiana rage going on—how many have collected the evidence and made a rational decision based on the actual wording of the law? Or how about the rage over the young woman, (sorry, same state) who has been convicted of murdering her ‘fetus’. People so outraged, they say the U.S. is like ISIS or the Taliban. Hmm—rash decision, unwise, unpatriotic comment. How about the tailspin over the writer who made up the rape story on a college campus…many believed the story was factual just because the feckless gal wrote it. To gather solid evidence for solid, rational decisions, we have to bypass the baloney.  Give up the emotional fat and look at the meat of the subject.  If you’re on a jury, you look at evidence. Why fall face first for a lot of scattered notions, viewpoints, biases, emotional declarations when there is little evidence of truth or principles to add credit to the subject. Scary that people jump to a conclusion based on ‘evidence’ that’s been contaminated by emotions–like hot dogs laced with carcinogenic nitrates.  Looking at Evidence makes us better people…better thinkers.                           Works for writers, too.


About wilaemerson

writer, golfer, traveler, food junkie, dieter--serious life: prescription drug advisor (RN/BSN)
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