F…for Fame…

F–what a fantastic letter. Perhaps a favorite letter. It fulfills a lot of needs when searching for a word to define emotions, feelings, grief, hatred, images, joy, kinships—get my drift. Oh…yes….the F word, that one, is often the most helpful, energetic word. Sometimes a favorite, but today, not so.  The F word I’ve got in mind is just as unnerving as the other F word. FAME.

Emily E. Dickinson wrote, “Fame is a fickle food, upon a shifting plate.” So today….I’m energized by Fame.  Not the gain of it but the fickle nature of it. I’ll admit, no falsehood here, I wrote a book and thought fame would follow.  Why not? A good story, first readers enjoyed it, thousands upon thousands, far and wide, would purchase it. Fame..at my finger tips. Fat chance. Fame, I’ve learned, is not one of those things you can easily fetch. It has a knack of finding whomever it pleases. If and when it wants. Also, Fame, while it sounds like a fun thing to desire, it’s not Free. It demands a hefty price. If you gain Fame, you can’t lose it. If you lose it, you’re judged a Failure. That’s a tough sentence to bear. However, Failure can be flitting, too. Good. Or not? You’re tempted to fetch Fame again. Fame. Fumbling, floundering, a Fetish cycle. Do you see the bit of fatalism here? The finicky nature of Fame is the reason to ignore it’s feckless finger. So I’ll stick to my stories. Write at will, when I want because it’s my form of fun. Oh yes, I’m not a fatalist. The stories might Flourish…burst forth, bear fruit. But, until then, my plate is full of fun. Another good word for the day.


About wilaemerson

writer, golfer, traveler, food junkie, dieter--serious life: prescription drug advisor (RN/BSN)
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