G….is for Gluttony

Gluttony….now that’s a mouth full.

It’s not a new problem, you know. But it is much more prevalent. Take a walk down any street…worst yet, visit a medical office or a hospital for proof in the pudding. Or is it from the pudding. Moses Maimonides (A.D. 1135-1204) stated, ‘Most illnesses which befall man arise either from bad food or from immoderate indulgence in food, even of the wholesome kind’. Impressive, huh. A concern even then. Did he shop at Whole Foods or go totally organic. At any rate, in 1593 or thereabouts, George Herbert wrote, “Gluttony kills more than the sword”. I think so…statistically around 2.5 million die per year. Not all from eating Twinkies or Snicker bars, no doubt, but still a big number, don’t you think? More recently, Henry Ford, 1930, said, ” Intemperate eating kills more people than tobacco and alcohol because it is the most widespread fault….If people knew how to eat properly they would retain their youthful resiliency much longer.” Ford died when he was 84, still a thin man. Outlived the average by many years.

I won’t quote anything from more recent times….no need, the picture is clear. We’re gluttons. A pity. What can we do?  In my view, simple: Give up bagged, boxed, packaged food. Sugar is the national enemy. Fast Food—-how about once a week. Soda with sugar…gag…..

Okay, a boring subject for some but then…

So let’s be gluttons…how about for words or good deeds. Write a lot more…eat less. I’m trying.

Cheers….for the effort…..


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writer, golfer, traveler, cook, beach junkie. Serious: Author, RN/BSN
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5 Responses to G….is for Gluttony

  1. Devin says:

    I think eating is one of the hardest addictions to break. I mean to stop drinking, you don’t go where there is alcohol, but with food, you have to eat. It’s about making the right choices, which can be really hard. I’m trying to cut back on the fast food, and starting there. That’s my biggest issue. Then I also try to cook at least a couple well balanced meals a week. And I always eat a big breakfast, because…well I have too. I think part of my hardest issue is drinking water, which (I’ve heard) takes away some of the cravings for the sweets. I think starting small is best. Then you can build on that. If everyone started making small healthy choices throughout the day, and then built on that, maybe we could start to be a healthier nation. And then we also need to build each other up, instead of tearing each other down.

    • wilaemerson says:

      How’s it going Devin? Did you do a Q word yet. I wrote mine yesterday and posted it today. So now on to R. Hows the food thing going? I surprised myself and gained 10 pounds this winter. Now the work to get it off. Water, exercise, Breakfast…I think it’s overrated. But it doesn’t hurt to have something small. I’ve found a way to have oatmeal ready. Prepare the mix the night before in a very small rice steamer or crockpot—water and steel oats. Plug in on low whenever you go to bed. Ready whenever you wake. It’s so creamy, good and not an overload. Half cup..and out the door. I just can’t get a full serving in. Off to work…Oh, fast food….look at the carbs in them, ask for the calorie chart..it’s amazing so just be careful. Less is best.

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