Q is for…… Quotations….

I love quotations.  They make me laugh, cry, ponder and try harder to understand the meaning. Some are simple, like: “Quotation confesses inferiority.” Now that can’t be much sharper, clear, right? Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that one. I don’t know how many times I’ll use it in my writing but, I will remember Ralph Waldo’s pithy remark. I like better what George Bernard Shaw thought about quotes. Shaw said, “I often quote myself; it adds spice to the conversation.” Damn right. Usually a quote takes me back to my thoughts; agree or disagree. If I agree with myself, what could be better? So this is my quote for the day: “Do as much as you can possibly do to please yourself but, if you leave the please out of your relationship with others, you won’t be as happy.” Not bad….rubs off of a lot of other notable quotes. So repeat my quote if you wish. Ralph Waldo also said, “By necessity, by proclivity and by delight, we all quote.” Thanks Ralph, for setting the record straight.


About wilaemerson

writer, golfer, traveler, food junkie, dieter--serious life: prescription drug advisor (RN/BSN)
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