V is for ….Viewpoint

A viewpoint has a lot to do with eyes and ears. Generally, a viewpoint is an accumulation of sights and sounds and then put into passionate words or deeds. What is casually or carelessly read or what people say and not do can lead to a viewpoint of little substance. The ‘battle’ between the sexes is a striking example of opposing viewpoints. Perhaps an anomaly of nature. Two different subjects, males and females, and yet, many expect the same viewpoint at every turn. She saw it as round, red and with soft edges. He said it was a flat surface with a bright orange light. He sees an opportunity. She sees a feckless venture. Is it relevant? Isn’t it all in the perception? Argue about substance and views change. Offer someone hope or offer them a job. Vote for traditional values or shake the foundation and watch it crumble. In a discussion, viewpoints can get nasty. For the most part, our own viewpoint is the most important. Of course, there’s always the someone who shakes a finger, metaphorically, at the person they don’t agree with and tells them outright they are categorically wrong. Sometimes they are. So I leave you with this thought: “A desk is a dangerous place to view the world.” John le Carre made that pithy statement. Strange—he’s a successful writer, always at a desk, and writes about significant problems in the world. Writers love to write various viewpoints, passion filled, either angry or joyous, and not reveal their own. So have those eyes and ears checked, dear ones, make sure they are working well for you.

What’s your V word.


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