W….is for Will

Victor Hugo said “People do not lack strength, they lack will.” Oh my goodness, if I’d only known the difference between strength and will when I was young. Will or won’t, it’s the meat of the matter; can get you through a difficult time in life, take you to the next level for goals or dump you on the side of the road. It takes will to tackle a tough job. Little will to go along with a task you don’t like. It takes will to stick to a commitment. Little will if you do it to save face. Everyone says they have free will and, yet, give it up at the drop of a hat. For instant gratification, for money, for sex, for fame, to be part of a group. They even give it up when they vote or don’t vote. Will or won’t? A Chinese proverb sets the tone for me: ‘Great souls have will, feeble ones only have wishes.’ What will you do with your day?

And your W word is….?








About wilaemerson

writer, golfer, traveler, cook, beach junkie. Serious: Author, RN/BSN
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