X is for Xenophile

X is for…..Xenophile

Yes, I’ll admit it: I’m attracted to foreign things—style, food, people, places. As a kid I would stare at someone who looked different. Yep, literally gawk until a thunk on the head eased me back into reality. When I got older, I took every opportunity to travel, explore and engage in those foreign ‘things’. You’ll see tidbits of foreign adventures in my home. A statue from Xian, China, a rug from old Yugoslavia, stoneware from Tuscany, a brot bowl from Villiprott. Come for dinner on Saturday,an authentic Thai meal straight from a villagers cookbook However, I’m not inclined to write about foreign subjects. I’d rather stick close to home. Emotions run deeper in familiar places. But here’s a thought, do we really need the 24th letter in our alphabet? X is difficult. First argument, you have to put a dash after X to make a word everyone understands. X-ray comes to mind. No one relates to xanthone, xeric, or xenolith. Xanthippe? No, you don’t want to be familiar with that word. Xanadu isn’t eXactly or escactly spontaneous. Even if X is at the end of a word, it doesn’t need to be there. For instance: Box—why not Bocks? We wear socks, not sox. Or Facks, not fax—except when you abbreviate. Focks—why Fox? Rocks—only Rox if you’re in a musical. Tacks works good for Tax—it hurts just as much. Secks for Sex? Okay, let’s leave Sex alone. It packs a wallop with or without an X.

What is your X word?


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1 Response to X is for Xenophile

  1. marissoule says:

    Great post, but I think I’d like the X to remain. I’m all for shortening words, not adding letters. And if you take X away, what is Y going to do? She’ll be running up and down that a(missing letter)is for the rest of her life. No, we can’t do that to her.

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