Y is for …..Yahoo

I could have gone for the obvious and written about youth but decided against it because Youth seems to be wasted on the Young. Walk through a Mall—get my drift? Granted, it could be because I’m no longer Youthful or Yearning to be so. Yep, the age of reason has settled in my bones, flows in my veins like honey. I don’t Yearn for much except good food, good wine and eight hours of sleep. So I’ve chosen Yahoo—a catchy word, even with its Youthful connotation. I get email at Yahoo. I say Yahoo on occasion: my team wins, a great movie, a nice walk in the park. Yahoo requires a youthful expression when it’s spoken—an elixir of sorts. Yet, Yahoo’s origin is far from the likes of the cajoling, frolicking crowd. Have you read Guliver’s Travels? Pat Yourself on the back. Swift referred to the members of a brute race as Yahoos. They all had the form and vices of man. Boorish, crass, stupid. I’ve known a few real Yahoos. It is great fun to write about them, disguised as characters in a book. There’s a couple in my book, Fatal Mistake, close to home, but would they think I have mimicked their blundering behavior? Okay, I’ve Yacked enough about this Y word. I’ve got to get my Yankee butt on the move so my husband will quit Yapping at me. He wants Yams for dinner. Those tuberous roots are Yawners for me. Yeah, I’ll be his Yes-man tonight but first I have to check email. Yahoo!


About wilaemerson

writer, golfer, traveler, cook, beach junkie. Serious: Author, RN/BSN
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