Where does it go? Down the block, another city, another state. A pandemic? Yes, that’s puts the breaks on a healthy desire to keep the day full. It’s been writing time for me and with several more publications in my back pocket, I’m thinking about taking the time to just spew once in a while.

In the works, a story called Blue Suede Shoes. It’s going to be in the second volume of Groovy Gum Shoes...a collection of 60’s private eye stories by some really clever, talented writers.. Mishaps, misdemeanors and cumbersome investigations. My guys are brothers. Mishaps in their own right who get caught up in a love triangle, stolen weapons and a very risky alliance with a mobster. Outcome? A ha….buy Volume 1 of Groovy, then sink into Volume 11 when it arrives next spring.

Yes, stories, books usually take a year from submission to publication.


About wilaemerson

writer, golfer, traveler, cook, beach junkie. Serious: Author, RN/BSN
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