Stumped ….

A crude title, word, isn’t it? Want to work on my book, tried but what keeps spinning on the wheel of thought is the awful state of affairs we, our country, find our self in. I could say the awful state of the world but then I’d never sleep or write again. As is, I’ll stick close to home for the time being. We all see/hear about the violence, the shootings, the mass murders…over and over again. Why? Guns, bad people, politics, gang warfare, mental illness? Okay, got that. The news outlets repeat the same pictures and dialogue all the time, switch the channels…same ‘outcry’.

So this is what stops me cold: Why aren’t we/they asking who sells these weapons to young angry, violent men? Background checks…are you kidding? Oh, tongue in cheek, most of the guns used in gang warfare are stolen. Buying two AR-15s and a bushel of ammunition would make most people raise an eyebrow, wouldn’t it? But, oh well, someone handed over a sh..t load of weapons to a crazed boy and he killed 19 children, 2 schoolteachers. Legal, hands tied, no responsibility.

Our local news, WRAL, has stories every single day about ‘shootings, killings, gangs’ but they never, ever stop to ask how these fools acquire the weapons. They never inquire as to ‘why the shooters are so violent’. But they do show their ugly, violent faces, report if there’s a history of violence and then move on. Fame for the day. Hour later, same thing, repeat the gun violence story again and again. Every single day, day after day, the same stories. Do they want to promote violence? Show the thugs how it’s done? I might add reporters seem to have a knack for ‘interviewing’ finger pointers who blame the police. Ever hear a reporter say ‘job well done’ to a police organization? Bet not too often. Have you heard recently a ‘good’ story about real lawful police procedures? It’s more about sensationalizing crime, the blame game to the media.

2nd Amendment rights? We won’t lose that right. No need to engage, rightfully, in a winless war. How about taking another approach to stop the deadly process: Prevent and/or restrict senseless sales. Simple. If you want an AR-15 for sport, pay zillions for it, have at mandate: 50, 25 or 10 people must sign as character witnesses, put up a bond, get a congressperson’s okay (that is if you can find a person that understands the 2nd amendment), wait one year before ownership, over 21 (or maybe 30..better), prove you are a collector, prove you have 100 acres of land for target practice. If the problem is illegal gun sales and illegal possessions, make it a federal offense that sticks. None of this slap on the knee nonsense. Yee gads, we have all kinds of technology to aid in discovery of drugs, bio-weapons, foreign spies and we can’t find those who are selling guns illegally?

Is it because no one really cares? Or is it all about flashing the stories on TV for mindless viewers who blame their country, the police, the guns for all the violence and never ask why? Why does the angry, violent, sadistic person have weapons in his hands? Did you hear any reporter ask how the Uvalde shooter, who had no job or car of his own, where he got the money to buy all the weapons and ammunition? Blind eye to reality? Where are the legitimate journalists? Oh, in front of the camera, lights, makeup, dressed to go.

Stumped…gotta find a better word, better exclamation.


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