This is a wordy blog and the purpose is to present my views on some of the disconcerting current events, human folly and plain ole opposition to what goes on in the world.  More often, I will write book reviews.  If you want your book reviewed, post me a note.  I won’t bother with paranormal or sci-fi….it’s too out-of-real-world to study, critique—those that love it, love it.  Otherwise you’re like me…   If I’m preachy…tune out.  If I make you angry…good.  If I make you laugh…better.  Okay, let’s agree to laugh about everything.  Happy reading….


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  1. Reviewed Dec. 27, 2011—
    I like this too much to change it:Blogging is a waste of time…however, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t post now and then. Einstein walked and mumbled constantly. Students at Princeton were hired to jot down his mumblings all the time. That’s not to say a student caught his formula…E equals M equals…or was it M equals E…or whatever. Thing is, just like doddles, sometimes words of wisdom spill out of thoughts. Thus, we blog…instead of doddle. So, here I go. I’m not sure I’ll blog every day…but then everyday I’m not sure of anything. The best I can offer today is the sun is shining somewhere. It’s snowing where I am and it’s beautiful. But then…I’m blogging and I think blogging is a waste of time…or is it. 1-6 Happy birthday to someone and that very special someone.

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