Not my hidden talent…Blogging

Blog readers beware: there’s not much to read here. Blogging…it interferes with life. What would be more fun, well, at least of interest maybe, is questions and answers. Have some? Let’s see how it goes.

I wrote a story a while back, in fact it was published by Five Star. Rosie, the title character, had a knack for answering perplexing questions. Not to say she had ‘all’ the answers, but she did have experience and a logical mind that helped her with decisions. She led a fairly simple life. Not problem free, just a lifestyle that didn’t invite complications. I think she was successful because she expected little from others. But what she did expect in interactions was honesty and punctuality. Tell the truth, be on time. Simple.

So does that mean life, yours or mine, is an open book? I don’t think so. Privacy is essential to well being. And if someone ask questions that are personal, the truth is you don’t have to respond. (Let’s not get into legal situations–yikes–keep life simple.)

Questions about writing, experiences, dreams, desires, life? We can try.

Enjoy the day. Wil


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writer, golfer, traveler, cook, beach junkie. Serious: Author, RN/BSN
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