Switched…by Diane Burton

In true fashion, a die-hard romantic should be captivated by author Diane Burton’s release of Switched which first debuted in paperback form.  For e-publishing, Burton has made revised Switched available for Kindle and Nook readers.  Those who’ve been waiting for Star Trek to adapt to Twenty-first Century fans will find a safe vehicle to travel from one world to another in this mixed genre of romance, paranormal and sci-fi renderings.

So you haven’t been to Serenia?  Well, climb aboard Captain Viator’s ship.  Burton has reserved a seat for you but, late comers beware–you’ll be left to fend for yourself if the Praetorians come hunting.

Plain but passionate Jessica Wyndom and masculine, unemotional Marcus Viator are thrust into universe and the venture begins.  Jessica is a self-employed mechanic-fix-it gal and Marcus captains a cavernous space ship whose wirings are a little dysfuntional.  Opposites attracts?  She’s been tossed into outer space because of mistaken identity or perhaps a brother’s practical joke.  Truth is, she’s been temporarily detained by the Captain in hopes of motivating his space ship crew whose sagging waistlines have his physically fit mind-set in a tailspin.  Viator isn’t necessarily at peace with himself, either.  His destiny has been arranged by the Elders of Serenian.  This pair is definitely butting heads right from take-off.  Although unnatural forces have brought these two together, neither one has any to desire to remain in the same stratosphere.  Ah, but what joins man and woman together, is not easily put asunder.

Jessica’s not a Cindy Crawford look-alike so has little influence over the crew that believes she is really Lieutenance Veronese Qilana, a Serenian, who shares her identical genetic markers.  Captain Viator, perplexed by this revelation, has his hands full and no feet on the ground.  He soon realizes a secret genetic experiment has been leaked and he’s equally disturbed by a looming desire to explore the bountiful curves of outspoken Jessica.  How can he focus on the welfare of his crew whose safety is jeopardized by a ruthless band of renegades, the Praetorians, when all these distractions swirl around him?  If the renegades prevail, the Serenians could lose their faithful leader and Jessica may never return to earth.  There’s a lot of unknown territory to explore before the reader breaches the horizon and clear blue skies return.

Burton’s knack at creating a New World exceeds the dreary plots of most paranormals, where shape-shifters and long-toothed lovers bring out the best or worst in eclectic profiles.  Her prose is filled with imaginative descriptions that guide the reader through darkened skies and lifts the inquisitive mind to other scientific realms of possibility.  You don’t have to be a sci-fi junky to enjoy Burton’s rendition of this made-in-heaven romance.  For plot and tension, you’ll find enough stimulation to root for strangers who slowly become familiar–whether they are devoid of emotion, have hairless bodies or tainted blue skin.

A little Avatar, Twilight, Star Wars, Gone With the Wind…Burton’s creative energy takes you on a weightless ride to Serenia and back to Terran soil–earth style, where happy endings are made.  You just might fall in love with this blended genre.  Star Gazers get on board with Switched by Diane Burton.  And for future travels Switched, Too is on the launch pad. 


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