I’m taking a break…a sunny, beachside break and it’s driving me crazy! Tanned, relaxed, great food…comfort…got it all.

Yet, I itch to get back to work. Lot’s happening in our country, lot’s of writing to do.

I’m saddened by the death of the young man in Florida, out on a walk, soda and junk food in his hand, a cell phone not far from his ear, like my kid or yours.   Shot by someone on a mission of injustice?

The country is stewing because criminal charges have not been brought against the shooter. The media has turned Obama’s comment about ‘look alikes’ into a talking point for political purposes. We all should be outraged by this senseless death. To characterize this death as evidence of America’s racial divide only makes the ‘divide’ wider. Makes those who are angry, mean spiritied even meaner.  This tragedy occurred because of one individual’s wreckless action. One person pulled the trigger.

Some of us just recently learned of this boy’s death.  Our sympathies need to be heard by this grieving family.  Trayvon Martin, no doubt, is calling out to us…”help my mom and dad get through this”.

We need to stand together,correct injustices, vote for officials who will sharpen/refine present laws and defend victims.

It reminds me we too often bask in the sun, relax on the beach. Let others try to solve our problems, ignor what needs to be fixed. We shouldn’t let politicians and a careless media turn a tragic death into a political issue.

One individual acted wrecklessly. One innocent young man lost his life. Why not write the Sanford, Florida officials and ask for full disclosure on this investigation? Sometimes the law process is too slow. But patience and time can be good medicine if it allows investigators to gather the facts and do the right thing.  Ask for answers but give authorities the time to do good work.

No, now is not a good time to relax on the beach. We humans have a lot of work to do. A lot of care needs to be given to others whether they look like us or not. We’ve got to be together on this one….or the bad guys win again and lump us all into a racist pile of ill will and lazy misdeeds.


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writer, golfer, traveler, food junkie, dieter--serious life: prescription drug advisor (RN/BSN)
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